Russian Military Flexes Muscles By Showing Off Display Of Artillery, Air Combat And Tanks

This footage shows the Russian military flexing its muscles by showing off a display of artillery, air combat and tanks as relations between Moscow and Western powers deteriorate over a possible invasion of Ukraine.

The training exercise took place near the south-western Russian city of Orenburg, which is located in the Orenburg Oblast region bordering Kazakhstan, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The images first show ground forces firing numerous missiles and shells at imaginary enemy targets, before fighter jets are seen in action. The footage also shows tanks firing salvos at mock enemies, as well as an attack helicopter firing missiles while airborne.

Volley fire of artillery, aviation, and tanks of the Central Military District during exercises near Orenburg in Russia. (Ministry of Defense of Russia/Newsflash)

The footage was shared online by the Russian MoD, who said: “An artillery fire raid, air strikes and heavy flamethrowers were shown to officers and generals of the Central Military District during an operational-combat training camp near Orenburg.”

The footage has been made available just as the BBC has released a report in which the EU warns Moscow of a “severe cost” if it invades Ukraine.

The BBC reports that Western intelligence services believe that up to 100,000 Russian soldiers have been massed near Ukraine’s borders, amid fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin might decide to invade its neighbour.

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