Russian Military Personnel Set Up A Smoke Screen During An Exercise

Troops of radiation, chemical and biological (RCB) protection defensive forces of the Southern Military District covered their soldiers’ concentration area with a smoke screen during an exercise.

The training operation took place at the Prudboy training field in the Volgograd district, Russia.

Aerosol counteraction troops used the latest TDA-3 special vehicles based on Kamaz vehicles to create a white cloud that covered an area of roughly 3 square kilometres.

Inside the cloud, troops, weapons, military equipment, and military infrastructure were entirely shielded from visual and optical detection from both the ground and the air.

Specialists from the RCB protection teams taught how to use a variety of procedures and methods for special processing of equipment, including equipment that had been transported from a chemically contaminated zone.

With the development of degassing, disinfection, and decontamination of weapons and items in the zone of conditional contamination utilizing universal stations for special treatment of the Institutions of secondary specialized education, the troops were able to localize the effects of a man-made catastrophe.

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