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Scared Young Women Leap Into The Arms Of The Wrong Boyfriend In Panic Room

This is the moment two young women leap into the arms of the wrong boyfriend after being scared in the dark while playing the escape room game.

The two young men had taken their respective girlfriends to play in the escape room game in the city of Shangqiu in the province of Henan in China, where they are invited to solve challenges as they move through the house, with the goal being to eventually escape.

But there are also actors designed to terrify visitors and the unsuspecting couple in the dark were caught out when a particularly frightening figure suddenly burst into the room.

As can be seen on the infrared camera, the two couples walk into a room where a bizarre form can be seen gesturing towards the doorway.

But as they open the door, a knife wielding actor emerges sending the two women into the arms of what they thought was their boyfriends.

However it was only after exchanging a cuddle that each then realised that they had the wrong man.

That prompted one woman in particular to start shouting at her boyfriend, and hitting him for cuddling the other woman as he tries to smile and laugh off the apparently innocent mistake.

A spokesman for the company that organised the day out said that the argument apparently became so heated that he was half scared to approach them and kept out of their way as they made it out of the house with the young woman still annoyed and shouting.

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