SEEMS LIKE A FUN GUY: Artists Amazing 3D Mushroom Images Are Just Magic

These images show the creativity of a British man who brings images of mushrooms and fungus to life in a 3D abstract realism style.

Newsflash spoke to the 31-year-old artist Luke Penry, from UK capital London, who describes himself as ‘3D generalist’.

The images and the videos show the work created by the artist, who experiments with creating 3D motion images of mushrooms and fungus.

An animation of a mushroom. (@luke_penry.exr/Newsflash)

3D modelling represents the process of using special software in order to create a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object or shape by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a so-called 3D space.

The objects in the 3D space can be animated and moved and rotated like real objects, which are how 3D animations are made, which are the basis for games and virtual reality.

In the first video, a white mushroom can be seen as if moving, shaken by the wind, while in the second video, water seems to be falling from a green mushroom.

An animation of a mushroom. (@luke_penry.exr/Newsflash)

In the third video, an animation of a fungus that has evolved over time to resemble a cobra can be seen, as well as a Secretarybird, or secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius), a bird of prey that hunts on the ground and hits its prey with its long legs.

The fourth piece of footage shows an animation of a fungus defending itself against an animal, while in the fifth video there is an animation of a fungus consuming a bug.

Luke, who has over 65,000 followers on Instagram, told Newsflash: “I first got into 3D when I was at university, a friend introduced me to 3ds Max and I started to teach myself using YouTube tutorials.”

An animation of a fungus that has evolved over time to resemble a cobra and a Secretarybird, a bird of prey that hunts on the ground and bludgeons its prey with its long legs. (@luke_penry.exr/Newsflash)

He said that most of the time, ideas come to him when he is trying to fall asleep. He added: “I watch sci-fi, nature documentaries and have a keen interest in evolution. These all combine to help me come up with ideas.”

Luke added that he enjoys looking at his artwork, and he is really happy with the results.

He has spent more than 10 years using and learning 3D tools and programs in order to learn these skills, adding: “I use no filters, I bring the raw 3D sequences into After Effects and use Colorista 5 to colour correct the renders.”

An animation by Luke Penry. (@luke_penry.exr/Newsflash)

He said he really enjoys what he does, adding that he makes his creative images in his apartment. He said this is not his full-time job and added: “I do this in my spare time as a creative outlet.”

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