Slippery Frog Tried To Hop It From The Long Arm Of The Law

Officers flagged down for an interesting mission to save a frog. A video of the unusual incident was posted on the San Francisco Police Department Facebook page, yesterday.

Police officers from the Southern Station were flagged down, regarding a frog that was jumping around on the pavement. Since being close to the road is risking the animal’s life, a police officer decided to catch it.

The frog hops around with the officer tailing behind her. Once caught the frog is placed in a paper bag. According to the San Francisco Police Department “The frog was taken into protective custody and relinquished to SF Animal Care & Control for care.”

Officer trying to catch a frog in the city of San Francisco, in Northern California. (@SFPD/Clipzilla)

The video attracted a lot of comments from animal lovers.

Facebook user ‘David Ebarle’ writes: “BZ to this officer for his courage and gentle touch! I say he deserves a better patrol car, what say you?”

Another user ‘Katherine Ballack’ comments: “I love this video!” User ‘JoAnne Nichols’ adds: “SFPD to the rescue!!!!”

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