Tennessee Cop On Leave After Being Caught Begging His Mistress To Murder His B1tch Wife Over USD1 Million

A Tennessee cop has been put on administrative leave after he was allegedly caught begging his mistress in text messages to murder his “b*tch” wife over a USD-1 million fortune that he claimed he would get after she was dead.

The Tennessee cop has been named as Jerry McDonald, 49, from the city of Chattanooga in the US state of Tennessee, and he was put on administrative leave after he was arrested and put in custody after being charged with soliciting a murder.

He allegedly got drunk last weekend, and his wife called his other job where he works as an EMS Special Operations Manager for the Erlanger Lifeforce hospital to tell them that he would not be coming in that day.

Jerry McDonald (49) who was charged with solicitation of murder. (Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Tennessee/Newsflash)

This is allegedly when she saw text messages between her husband and a woman named as Vanessa Nelson, 39, in which he indicated that when she was dead he would get USD 1 million, although it was not clear if it was from an insurance premium or money that he could get from her family.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office arrested McDonald after it was made aware of the text message conversations between him and Nelson.

Below are excerpts of the messages allegedly sent between the defendant and Nelson. The first one reads:

Nelson: “Do I need to kill her?”
McDonald: “Please kill her, babe, please. I’m begging you.”
Nelson: “Tell me what she is doing.”
McDonald: “I need you.”
Nelson: “I need you more.”

Another excerpt from text messages sent between McDonald and his mistress reads:

McDonald: “This bitch is worth a million. I’m saying we kill her and I collect a million and we live like the kings and queens we are.”
Nelson: “I do BC it bothers me.”
Nelson: “So she has a million in life insurance.”
McDonald: “Then let’s kill her.”

A third excerpt reads:

McDonald: “There’s over a million in her dad’s safe. I’m saying I won’t get caught.”
Nelson: “Stealing it.”
McDonald: “Whatever babe.”
Nelson: “We aren’t criminals.”
McDonald: “OK babe.”
Nelson: “And we don’t care about money. At least I don’t.”
McDonald: “I don’t either but I’m saying we have a way if we choose to. I’m not even joking. All I want is you babe. That’s all I care about.”

The police are reportedly taking the text messages seriously, with one detective reportedly writing in an affidavit: “Upon looking at the messages I found Mr. McDonald’s requests to Ms. Nelson to kill Victim 1.”

The detective added: “I further found that Mr. McDonald states what financial benefits the two of them would get if Victim 1 was killed.”

The defendant’s information has reportedly been taken down from the hospital’s website and the City of Red Bank, which employs him as a police officer, has reportedly put him on administrative leave.

McDonald is currently being held at the Hamilton County jail on a USD 75,000 bond.

A court date has been set for 30th November.

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