Top Youtuber, 24, Reveals Cancer Hole In Chest After Docs Give Up On Him

A terminally-ill YouTuber has shared pictures of a cancerous tumour that is eating him alive from the inside after claiming that doctors have given up on him months ago.

Philipp Mickenbecker, 23, from the municipality of Bickenbach in the German state of Hesse, who beat cancer twice before, has confirmed that there appears to be little hope for him after a large tumorous hole appeared in his chest.

The popular YouTuber has been running the invention channel ‘The Real Life Guys’ since 2016 with his twin brother Johannes Mickenbecker, 23, which has over 1.3 million subscribers.


Philipp was diagnosed with cancer before, the first time at the age of 16 when doctors detected lymphoma, a cancer type which attacks the body’s germ-fighting network.

Nevertheless, he managed to overcome the disease due to determination and self-discipline.

He subsequently overcame lymph node cancer before being diagnosed with the same cancer in November 2020 when doctors told him he should expect death in a matter of days.


Philipp told the German newspaper Bild: “The doctors are now holding back, they gave up on me six months ago. There are no treatments that could help me.”

However, despite the devastating diagnosis, Philipp is still alive and trusts that God will save him, saying: “My faith gives me hope and support.”

Philipp explained how he finds it difficult to sleep at night as he sweats a lot and has trouble breathing. He added: “The tumour pushes itself inside out. You could say that I am rotting alive.”


The young man, who is supposed to turn 24 on 27th June, treats his wound with activated charcoal dressing on a daily basis.

He said: “My chest is almost completely open, it festers, it’s wet and it smells a bit too. But I am not in pain.”

His twin brother Johannes expressed his support by saying: “I think it’s amazing how cheerful and fit Philipp is despite the circumstances. It feels unreal when you see a wound like that.”


The twin brothers are currently working on a secret aircraft project for their YouTube channel which they do not want to reveal anything about yet.

The family suffered another tragedy in March 2018 when the brothers’ 18-year-old sister Elli Mickenbecker died in a plane crash in the town of Bensheim in southern Hesse.

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