Two Adorable Panda Twins Play Together

Pairi Daiza/Clipzilla

This is the moment two adorable pandas who were born as twins in Pairi Daiza in Belgium are seen playing together.

Pairi Daiza, which is a privately owned zoo and botanical garden located in the municipality of Brugelette in the province of Hainaut in Belgium, is home to the two giant pandas born on 8th August, 2019.

Sebastien Moreau, a spokesperson for Pairi Daiza, told Clipzilla: “The male is Bao Di and the female is Bao Mei.”

In addition, their names mean ‘little brother’ and ‘little sister’ in Chinese.

Pairi Daiza is currently home to 5 giant pandas. As well as Bao Di and Bao Mei, other members of the Ailuropoda melanoleuca species include: the little ones’ mother called Hao Hao, their father Xing Hui and their brother Tian Bao who was born on 2nd June, 2016.

Tian Bao is the first offspring of this magnificent giant panda family which lives in Pairi Daiza.

The pandas’ names were revealed at the ‘100 Day Ceremony’ of their birth at the Brugelette Animal Park.

Pairi Daiza/Clipzilla

The Pairi Daiza Foundation, which aims to manage and protect nature reserves and endangered species, “is working hard to save these animals” according to zoo officials.

The Foundation also financially supports groundbreaking research related to the reproduction with the giant pandas led by Belgian scientist Jella Wauters, from the University of Ghent.

The two giant pandas seem to be developing splendidly as the video footage shows them teasingly playing with each other in the zoo.

In the video description on Facebook, Pairi Daiza said: “When these two get started… Nothing can stop them!”

Additionally, Pairi Daiza followers were amazed to see Bao Di and Bao Mei. The two received a lot of positive feedback.

Netizen ‘Eliane Regout’ said: “Well, they’re really agile. There’s no point in trying to climb trees to escape them.”

Another follower, ‘Framboise del Plagne’ commented: “True devils, I love them!”

‘Denis Bea Delestret’ thanked Pairi Daiza for posting the video and said it was a true pleasure watching the two pandas.

Other followers asked to see footage of the rest of the giant panda family as well.

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