Ukrainian Forces Hit Russian Invaders With Missiles

This is the moment the Ukrainian forces send missiles flying towards their Russian rivals before claiming to have “destroyed columns and groups” of invading forces.

Joint Forces Operation (JFO) shared the video on social media at around 12.30pm with the message: “The enemy does not go unpunished. Allied artillery inflicted heavy fire, destroying columns and groups of Russian occupation forces.”

JFO added: “Ukrainian artillery works, as always, clearly, accurately and as efficiently as possible.”

Ukrainian artillery strikes Russian military troops. (Joint Forces Operation/Newsflash)

The footage shows Ukrainian personnel overseeing the rapid launch of dozens of missiles at Russian formations.

Meanwhile, the capital Kyiv awoke to the sound of air raid sirens and warnings to seek shelter this morning.

The Kyiv Independent reported today: “Air raid alerts in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernihiv and Chernihiv Oblast, Volyn Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, Kirovohrad Oblast, Poltava Oblast, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Zaporizhzhia and Odesa.”

Ukrainian artillery strikes Russian military troops. (Joint Forces Operation/Newsflash)

US Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday that a large Russian military convoy making its way to the capital Kyiv has remained “stalled” by defending Ukrainian forces.

Kirby said Russian troops could be “regrouping” amid reports of strong resistance by Ukrainian forces.

The UK Ministry of Defence tweeted at 7am today: “The main body of the large Russian column advancing on Kyiv remains over 30km from the centre of the city having been delayed by staunch Ukrainian resistance, mechanical breakdown and congestion. The column has made little discernible progress in over three days.”

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