US Soldier Arrested After Baby Son Suffers Broken Jaw And Brain Bleed

A US solder has been arrested for child abuse after his three-month-old son suffered a broken jaw in three places and brain bleed.

Brandon David Uffre, 25, faces an aggravated child abuse charge following the baby’s injuries at the family home in Pasco County in the US state of Florida.

The police said the mother took the baby to hospital on 24th December because of his heavily swollen jaw, adding that a doctor said it was broken in three different places.

A U.S. Army soldier Brandon David Uffre who broke an infant’s jaw and left him with brain bleed. (Pasco County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

In the partially-redacted affidavit, a police officer said: “He stated that the mandible was broken on both the left and right side of the victim and also in the front just below the victim’s mouth.

“Dr Green also stated that the victim had several new subdural haemorrhages on his brain [brain bleed] and currently is in serious but stable condition.”

The doctor also said that the infant will need reconstructive surgery.

The police said Uffre was taking care of the baby at around 2am on Friday while the mother was still sleeping, adding: “In a non-custodial interview the defendant stated while caring for the victim he fell with the child in his arms.

“The defendant told me he was walking around the apartment when he tripped and landed on the carpeted floor.”

The father said he landed on his elbow to prevent the baby from hitting his head on the floor.

However, the doctor said the boy’s injuries could only have been caused by a serious car accident or child abuse.

The baby’s mother confirmed they had not been involved in a road accident and the police suspect her husband of child abuse because she was asleep when the incident took place.

According to reports, the suspect was in town for only nine days before being sent to a military base outside of Florida.

The police called for a high bond for the US Army serviceman due to the baby’s severe injuries.

Uffre has pleaded not guilty as the investigation continues.

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