VID: OH CHUTE! Parachute Snowboarders Terrifying Mountain Stunt

This is the moment a French snowboarder performs death-defying stunts on the edge of a snowy mountain precipice.

The breathtaking footage was filmed on the steep slope of Couloir des Cosmique in Chamonix, a resort near the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy.

Devoted snowboarder Gaspard Ravanel, 20, shares videos of his hair-raising stunts on Instagram for his army of followers.

Twenty-year-old Gaspard Ravanel, pro rider, snowboards at Cosmiques Hut. (gaspard_ravanel/Newsflash)

In the footage, Gaspard is seen zooming down a terrifying steep slope as he hurtles towards a sheer drop.

Then he releases his backpack parachute and simply soars through the air, landing just a few yards from his mountain ski chalet.

Gaspard, who calls himself a pro rider, told Newsflash that his videos were filmed at Couloir des Cosmique, “about a 20-minute walk from the cable car station”.

Twenty-year-old Gaspard Ravanel, pro rider, snowboards and paraglides at the Grands Montets ski area on Mont Blanc. (gaspard_ravanel/Newsflash)

He said he loves practising risky tricks on the slopes, but has found himself on the wrong end of Nature’s force in the past and had previously survived scary situations such as “avalanches and rockfalls” on the mountain.

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