WHAT THE DUCK? Hero Bird Leaps Into Raging Flood To Save Pal

This is the moment a heroic duck leaps into churning flood water after its companion was swept away.

The amazing rescue bid took place in the south-eastern Chinese province of Fujian, on Saturday, 18th June.

The footage shows two ducks paddling towards riverside stone steps to escape strong flood waters in a river.

Duck jumps into water for its missing companion during flood in Shouning, China. (242252447/AsiaWire)

But as one of them makes it up onto the steps, the other is swept away by the strong current.

Without hesitating for a second, the first duck realises what happened and leaps back into the fast-moving waters without a second thought.

Both ducks ended up being swept away by the floodwater but they were both eventually rescued further downstream, according to local media.

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