GREAT BAWL OF CHINA: Young Girl Screams As She Crashes Electric Motor Scooter

A terrified young girl crashed a high-speed electric motor scooter into a shop after apparently starting up the bike.

Shocking CCTV footage of the prang shows the girl hurtling straight into a wall and screaming in terror.

The shop owner only just jumps out of her path as the scooter scatters a chair, a flowerpot and a table before coming to a jarring halt.

Little girl starts an electric motorcycle and rushes into store nearly hitting a man in Chongqing, China on 28th June 2022. (dajintailing/AsiaWire)

Seconds later a woman – believed to be the child’s mother – runs in and scoops up the bawling youngster before the footage ends.

The bizarre crash took place in Kaizhou, which is a district in the municipality of Chongqing in central China, on Tuesday, 28th June.

Chinese media report that no one was injured and that the store owner did not seek compensation.


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