WHAT THE FLOCK: Driver Gets Stuck In A Lamb Jam As He Encounters A Flock Of Sheep On The Road

A Chinese motorist who was warned by his navigation of congestion ahead was shocked when he encountered a massive flock of sheep blocking the way.

The unidentified motorist was travelling along the road leading into Changji, which is a county-level city situated about 40 km (25 mi) west of the regional capital, Urumqi in Northern Xinjiang.

He said that his navigation system had warned him of congestion further along on the Changji/Zhou Provincial Highway 101, possibly as a result of other motorists that passed the same way being forced to slow down which would have been picked up as a traffic jam by his SatNav device.

Driver encounters flock of sheep on road in Changji, Xinjiang, in China, in undated footage. His navigation showed that the road was congested, but he did not expect to see sheep. (ZX18309025888/AsiaWire)

But in fact, it was more of a lamb jam after the man turned up to find no cars – but instead, hundreds of sheep slowly walking down the middle of the main road.

He said the navigation system indicated a 300-metre tailback of vehicles, but in fact, there were no vehicles and the only tails were on the backs of the hundreds of sheep walking along in front of him.

The man said that after slowly edging his way through the sheep that were clearly reluctant to get out of the way, the traffic jam ended and he was finally able to speed off after a 20-minute delay.

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