WHOLE TOOTH: Bizarre ID Parade As Police Issue Photo Of Blaze Victim’s Teeth

Police have launched a bizarre ID appeal by releasing pictures of the teeth of a woman who died in a fire.

Investigators in Mainz, Germany, hope that the astonishingly healthy-looking choppers may jog someone’s memory.

The blaze victim was found dead and completely charred under a motorway bridge in the early hours of 15th June.

Baffled police in Rhineland-Palatinate state have no clue as to who she could be.

An image of the teeth of the unidentified dead woman found on Wednesday on 15th June, whose identity the German police are trying to discover. (Polizeiprasidium Mainz/Newsflash)

They say her badly burned remains were spotted under a bridge on the BAB 61 Federal Motorway and near the B 48 Federal Highway.

The BAB 61 (Bundesautobahn 61) is a German motorway that connects the border to the Netherlands near the city of Venlo in the northwest to the interchange with A 6 near the town of Hockenheim.

After the horrific finding, Mainz Criminal Police Department took the baffling decision to release a photo of her striking tooth profile.

They hope friends, relatives or even a dentist might recognise her.

Officers say that despite the victim’s severe injuries, she had impeccably healthy teeth, and a specific dental chart characterised by a short right canine tooth, as well as protruding and forward-pushed canines.

The German police estimated the victim whose hair was tied in a ponytail to be between 20 and 45 years old, and up to 175 cm (68.9 in) tall.

The police along with the public prosecutor assume the woman was a victim of a criminal offence.

People who are able to provide relevant information about the uncommon case are requested to contact the Mainz Criminal Police Department.

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