WIFE KILLER TRAGEDY: Jilted Husband Shot Ex In Head Over New Life

A jilted husband shot his wife in the head when she told him she was moving to start a new life in another country with their two children.

Victim Rumeysa Gokuzum, 32, had already packed her bags for the move from Stuttgart, Germany, to the Netherlands but agreed to meet her ex.

But the meeting with her estranged husband Ismail Gokuzum, 36, ended in tragedy when he pulled a gun and shot her, report local media.

Victim Rumeysa Gokuzum, 32, with kids, and husband Ismail Gokuzum, 36, suspected of having killed her, in Stuttgart, Germany, in July, 2022. (Newsflash)

An unnamed friend of Gokuzum told German media: “He called me and said he did it. He said, ‘I shot her in the forehead.'”

After the crime, Gokuzum took a EUR-1,800 (GBP-1,530) taxi ride to Bosnia and, from there, fled to Turkey.

Rumeysa’s body was found in her black Volkswagen Golf a few hours after she was reported missing on Monday, 11th July.

The car was in the Mercedes-Benz Group car park in Stuttgart with a side window shattered.

Ismail Gokuzum, 36, suspected of having shot his wife, in Stuttgart, Germany, in July, 2022. (Newsflash)

She had left her daughters Lina, eight, and Mina, two, with her mother-in-law two days earlier so she could talk to her estranged husband in private.

Six months earlier, Rumeysa had moved out from the home she shared with Gokuzum following a “nightmare” marriage.

After their separation, he would reportedly wait in his car outside the front door to her new home, leading her to tell friends she feared for her life.

German police are now trying to have Gokuzum arrested in Turkey on an international warrant.

Ismail Gokuzum, 36, suspected of having shot his wife, in Stuttgart, Germany, in July, 2022. (Newsflash)

Rumeysa, who was apparently killed instantly by a single bullet, had family in the Netherlands and also had a Dutch passport herself.

Gokuzum has a German passport but is of Turkish origin, as was Rumeysa.

The search for the gunman continues.

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