MOUSE TO MOUSE RECUSCITATION: Singer Saves Mouse From Drowning In Pool

Superstar Latin singer Thalia has won praise in a viral video where she rescues a tiny mouse from her swimming pool.

The video – which notched up 1.6 million likes and 9.5 million views on TikTok – shows the singer spotting something in the water.

As the singer and actress, 50, gets closer she discovers it is a little mouse desperate to get out of the water.

Thalia, 50, burned her skin while tanning. (@thalia/Newsflash)

Quick thinking Thalia – who filmed the rescue on her mobile – lowered a piece of kitchen towel into the water as a raft for the mouse the stand on.

Then as it scrambled up, Thalia helps to lift it from the water and places it safely on the grass.

The mouse takes a few seconds to realise it has been saved and then sprints off into the grass.

Thalia, 50, burned her skin while tanning. (@thalia/Newsflash)

Thalia shared the video as ‘The Mouse Rescue’, which also notched up 18,000 comments.

She said: “I just saw a little thing here, I thought it was a frog. Look at what it is… poor little thing What’s happening to you? Come my love, you’re drowning.”

But despite the mouse looking rather cute, she was still nervous about getting too close saying at one point: “Oh, oh, it is going to jump me.”

Thalia, 50, burned her skin while tanning. (@thalia/Newsflash)

A few seconds later the actress whose full name is Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda added: “We saved him, are you okay? beautiful.”

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