WOMB RAIDER: 53 Years In Jail For Woman Who Murdered Pregnant Mum To Steal Her Baby

A Brazilian woman has been jailed for 53 years for murdering a pregnant woman and then killing the victim’s son, aged 7, in order to steal her baby.

The court in the Brazilian region of Rondonia convicted Catia Barros Rabelo of double murder for the killing of Fabiana Pires Batista and her son Gustavo Henrique in 2019.

Mother and son were murdered in an area near a pottery in the southern part of Porto Velho in Rondonia. In addition to being stabbed, the pregnant victim had her infant son cut from her belly.

Mother Fabiana Pires Batista, 23, and son Gustavo Henrique, 7, pose in undated photo. They were killed by Catia Barros Rabelo, so she can steal the woman’s baby, in Porto Velho, Brazil in 2019. (Newsflash)

It has now emerged the victim had been targeted by Catia Barros Rabelo to steal the baby and then pretend it was her own.

Brazilian police allege that the plot to kidnap the baby was part of the conspiracy and included the convicted woman’s son, Mario Barros do Nascimento, who was acquitted of murder but convicted of concealment of a corpse.

As he was already in jail for two years awaiting trial, he was released as soon as the sentence of one year and 2 months was passed.

Victim Gustavo Henrique, 7, poses in undated photo. He was killed by Catia Barros Rabelo in Porto Velho, Brazil in 2019. (Newsflash)

Others under investigation included the victim’s 13-year-old sister, and a 15-year-old teenager, both of whom gave evidence during the trial

Prosecutor Elias Chackian Filho told the court in the Brazilan state of Rondonia that in all his years dealing with criminals he had never seen anything so horrific saying: “It was macabre, the essence of human wickedness was clearly visible in this crime.”

Catia Barros Rabelo was convicted by a jury of multiple homicide, concealment of a corpse and the corruption of minors.

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