ZIP FLYER: Woman Plunges To Death When Zipline Knocks Her Off Ledge

A woman taking photos from a zipline platform plunged to her death when she was pushed over the edge of a ravine by the thrill ride’s machinery.

The woman – not named in Chinese media – had been taking pictures from a landing platform at a scenic spot near the city of Fenyang, in northern China’s Shanxi province.

Terrifying security CCTV of the drama from 1st August shows how she was apparently taking snaps of someone climbing on cables above the zipwire.


But she was apparently so engrossed in her photos she did not notice part of the ride’s machinery heading straight towards her.

The equipment hits the woman head-on, scooping her up and carrying her over the ravine’s edge.

Two workers rush to help her but stop just before they topple over the edge themselves.


For a few heart-stopping moments she manages to cling on, but she loses her grip and falls in a plunge that would prove fatal, according to local media.

Rescuers found her hanging from a bush just a few feet above the ground.

Other footage shows them climbing on top of a tourist bus trying to get her down.


Local media reported that she died later at Fenyang Hospital of multiple injuries.

Officials have not named the victim but have said she was a tourist.

The zipline business has since been shut down and a police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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