4 Penguins Enjoy Tour Of Chicago Bears Stadium During Lockdown

This is the cute moment four penguins waddle around the hallowed turf of the Chicago Bears’ home stadium after their aquarium home was closed due to further COVID-19 measures.

The closure of the Shedd Aquarium in the US city of Chicago meant the penguins could take time off from the day job to visit the Soldier Field stadium, home to the American football team the Chicago Bears and soccer team Chicago Fire.

Footage shows the four flightless birds in the dressing room and then heading onto the pitch to explore the famous ground.

Penguins from The Shedd Aquarium, visiting the Soldier Field. (Shedd Aquarium, Brenna Hernandez/Newsflash)

The Magellanic penguins, named Izzy, Darwin, Tombo, and Charlotte, were accompanied by a small team of handlers.

The aquarium said it was important for the penguins to experience new sensations including the smells of the new location and the feeling of grass under their feet.

They added that variety is important for penguins, and any day different to the one before is considered healthy for them.

Penguins from The Shedd Aquarium, visiting the Soldier Field. (Shedd Aquarium, Sam Cejtin/Newsflash)

Although the stadium is also under lockdown, the penguins were given the green light to tour the venue and bring a smile to the faces of locals.

The Shedd Aquarium is expected to be closed up until the end of the year, meaning many similar visits to other places are also likely to be on the cards in the coming weeks.

The penguins have so far already explored the Field Museum and the MCA.

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