Moment US Fighter Planes Executed A Flight Mission During Exercise Northern Edge 21

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  • Post published:15/05/2021
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This is the moment US Navy, Air Force and Marine planes conduct flight operations on the flight deck during a joint training as part of exercise Northern Edge 21.

US Sailors and Marine Corps executed a flight mission that took place in the clouds over the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex and the Gulf of Alaska in the United States on 12th May.

The footage shows several joint aircrafts performing flight operations on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt during a joint training exercise over Alaska.

DVIDS, Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs/Clipzilla

In the operation that was part of Exercise Northern Edge 21 (NE21) participated US Navy, Air Force and Marine planes including several F-15EX jets.

The Northern Edge 21 that is hosted by the U.S. Pacific Air Forces started on 3rd May and it will run until 14th May.

About 15,000 US service members, six US Navy ships and 240 aircraft are involved in NE21.

NE21 is one in a series of Alaska’s Command joint training exercises that are designed to provide practical warfighter training with the highest quality.

During the flight mission, crews sought to analyze operations, techniques and procedures capacities as well as enhance interoperability among the services.

Also, the training operation improves command, control, and communication relationships and develops cooperative plans and programs among US Navy, Marine Corps Integrate and Joint Forces member crews.


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