Aircrew Fighting Vegetation Fire On Dixie Fire Spot

Footage from Dixie Fire spot showing helicopter fire crew spreading water over flames.

The sight of the aircrew fighting vegetation fire was recorded around 6pm in Genesee Valley in California on 20th August. The Dixie Fire broke out July 13 at the base of the Feather River Canyon.

The flames burned 700,630 acres of wooded space until this footage was shared by US Forest Service-Plumas National Forest.

Involved in extinguishing mission of the wildfires with 35 per cent containment are over 5,696 emergency personnel working from the ground and from the air.

Aircraft with retardants, dozers, and crews maintained aggressive engagement on the portion of the fire that remained active overnight.

Crews continue to strengthen control lines and mop up hot spots.

Damage assessment is ongoing, and the number of damaged and destroyed structures may change as teams are able to access the fire area safely.

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