Amazing Moment Rescuers Find Man Still Alive In Car Submerged In River

This is the amazing moment rescuers including a police officer and locals Discover a man still alive after his car crashed off a bridge and ended up upside down in a river.

The rescue took place in Little Leatherwood Creek in Kentucky in the United States on the 15 of May.

When detective P. Campbell arrived on the scene several people were gathered at the place of the accident.

One of the people notified the police officer that they noticed the car about 30 minutes before the detective arrived at the scene.

After assessing the situation detective Campbell believed that the driver has not left the car and was trapped inside the overturned vehicle.

The people present at the scene wanted to help in removing the man from the car.

One man offered his crane to pull the vehicle, so detective Campbell could check on the driver until other emergency crews arrived.

When the car was moved to the side with the help of people on the scene a window was broken so the officer could make a contact with the driver.

Emergency crew responded to a car accident from which a vehicle had fallen into the Little Leatherwood Creek at Perry County in Kentucky in the United States on the 5th of May 2021. (@sheriffengle/Clipzilla)

When people started speaking to him the driver replied which meant that he was awake and alive.

The officer tried to pull the man out of the car but had to wait for the medical staff to get to the location.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed was transported to a hospital.

Detective Campbell shared his thoughts about this incident.

“These people would have to make decisions that are in consideration of someone else and not of themselves.”

“I am immensely proud of the paramedics/EMTs that came to the rescue, the dispatchers that handled the call with great professionalism, and the citizens who displayed concern for a neighbour. Simply warms my heart and gives me faith in humanity,” said Campbell.”

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