Big Boom Of Russian Army During A Training Operation In Siberia

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  • Post published:13/07/2021
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Kemerovo Oblast, Western Siberia

Artillerymen from the Central Military District deployed the Uragan and Grad-M to kill a fake enemy forced into a “fire bag” during a training exercise in Siberia. The exercise mission took place in the Kemerovo Oblast in Western Siberia and the Ministry of Defence of Russia shared the operation footage on 2nd July. The rocket artillery crews and self-propelled howitzers “Msta-S” took up positions from the right and left flanks of the defending troops and destroyed the simulated enemy with concentrated fire from three directions after receiving the coordinates of the concentration of the “enemy” forces from the reconnaissance UAV crews. The Orlan-10 drones used their calculations to modify artillery fire and destroy targets. More than 500 servicemen took part in the tactical exercises and about 50 units of military equipment were also involved.


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