Captured Colombian Drug Kingpin Paid For Women Allies To Go Under Knife To Make Them Look Alike

A captured Colombian drug lord paid for several of his female allies to undergo plastic surgery to make them look alike, it has emerged.

According to the National Police of Colombia, Dairo Antonio Usuga, alias ‘Otoniel’, paid for his wife and sister-in-law to go under the knife so they would appear to his taste.

Otoniel, who was the leader of the notorious Clan del Golfo drug cartel, was captured in a joint operation by army, police and air force officers.

Nini Johana Usuga, known as ‘La Negra’, sister of Dairo Antonio Usuga known as ‘Otoniel’. (Newsflash)

Over 300 officers and over 20 helicopters were involved in the 50-year-old drug kingpin’s arrest in the Colombian town of Necocli on Saturday, 23rd October.

It has since emerged that Otoniel had appointed a number of women including his relatives and in-laws to important positions within the cartel.

The appointments include his sister Nini Johana Usuga alias ‘La Negra’ (‘The Black Woman’) as head of finance, his wife Blanca Madrid alias ‘La Flaca’ (‘The Skinny Woman’) as finance coordinator, and his sister-in-law Martha Madrid alias ‘La Jefa’ (‘The Boss’) as finance chief.

Blanca Madrid known as ‘La Flaca’, wife of Dairo Antonio Usuga known as ‘Otoniel’. (Newsflash)

According to reports, Otoniel paid for his wife and her sister, who hail from the Colombian port city of Turbo, to undergo plastic surgery to make them look like each other.

An unnamed official who has been following the cartel’s activities for five years told the magazine Semana: “They weren’t like this. They were normal and obviously different.

“But when Otoniel started to date and married Blanca, he made her operate everything. He did the same with his sisters-in-law. They all look made from the same mold and to Otoniel’s taste.”

‘La Jefa’, sister-in-law of Dairo Antonio Usuga known as ‘Otoniel’. (Newsflash)

Photos of the Madrid sisters show how they look the spitting image of each other following their respective cosmetic procedures.

According to the TV news programme Noticias RCN, La Negra lived a life of luxury and even travelled abroad without being stopped by the authorities.

According to Noticias RCN, La Flaca had a fleet of 15 high-end pickup trucks and was in charge of laundering Otoniel’s money.

‘La Jefa’, sister-in-law of Dairo Antonio Usuga known as ‘Otoniel’. (Newsflash)

The Clan del Golfo has been in operation since 2001 and is involved in the Colombian armed conflict, opposing the National Liberation Army and FARC dissidents.

However, following Otoniel’s capture, President of Colombia Ivan Duque Marquez declared: “This is the end of the Clan del Golfo”.

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