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Chinese Cops Spend 23 Years Carving Police Station In Large Rock

Chinese cops in a national geopark who had to make sure their base match the surroundings have spent 23 years carving a police station into a large rock.

The Yardang cave police station is located in the Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark near the city of Dunhuang in the Chinese province of Gansu.

The geopark boasts the Yardang geological feature, created over time by the eroding of the earth’s surface by wind and rain with only the hard rock parts remaining in the desert area.


Over the past 23 years, auxiliary police officers at the park have been digging a police station into a large rock feature.

Now complete, the police station boasts a reception, main office, bathroom, dormitory, and canteen, making it the only cave station of its kind in China, according to the news site Baidu.

When the project first started over two decades ago, the station only consisted of a few tents and was manned by two officers and three auxiliary policemen.


Police officer Wei Haisheng said the wind can be very strong in the geopark, especially at night, which makes strange noises “like ghosts crying and howling or the sound of a thousand horses galloping.”

he added: “It can be very creepy.”

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