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Huge Roof Ripped From Building And Thrown Into Packed Square

This is the shocking moment a massive roof is torn off the building and is blowing into a busy street causing chaos.

The shocking incident was just one of the videos captured following gale force winds in the Fengfeng mining area in Handan, China over the weekend.

The videos also show another building in which the strong winds are seen ripping away at the surface, destroying the facade which also comes crashing down onto the street below.

Strong wind blows roof in Handan, China, on 31st July 2021. (AsiaWire)

The Handan City Meteorological Observatory had issued a yellow warning advising people to stay indoors because the winds were likely to be so strong that they would be extremely dangerous.

When the roof is torn free and crashes into the busy street, not only cars but pedestrians and motorbikes are seen below.

However, apparently, it is not clear if someone was injured in the accident.

Strong wind blows roof in Handan, China, on 31st July 2021. (AsiaWire)

According to statistics from 2418 national meteorological observatories, at 18:00 on the 31st, the peak-to-peak wind reached 16.2m/s, which works out at 35 mph, listing it as a gale-force wind on the Beaufort scale.

According to the strong wind blue warning signal issued by the Handan Meteorological Observatory at 16:12 on July 31, it is expected that there will be strong winds in the urban area of ​​Handan continuing for a while yet.

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