Chinese Man Spins 13 Basketballs Simultaneously Using His Body And Props

This footage shows a Chinese man spinning 13 basketball simultaneously using his body and props.

The footage was reportedly shot in Dezhou, which is a city in eastern China’s coastal province of Shandong, before being shared on social networks on 1st December, where it quickly made the rounds.

The footage shows a man, who has been named in local media reports as Bai Binbin, a mechanical worker who has enjoyed playing basketball for years, sitting on the floor in an apartment and spinning the basketballs.

Man shows amazing skills with basketball in Dezhou, China. (368322779/AsiaWire)

Two basketballs can be seen spinning on the tips of his toes, with two more spinning on his lower legs and two others spinning on his knees.

Then two more appear to be spinning on his thighs, while two more spin on the tips of his fingers.

Another basketball can be seen spinning on top of his head, bringing the total number of spinning basketballs to 11. But then he places the two basketballs are spinning on his fingers on top of two props, which appear to be thin sticks. He then picks up two remaining basketballs lying on the floor next to him and begins spinning them.

Man shows amazing skills with basketball in Dezhou, China. (368322779/AsiaWire)

The footage ends with him spinning all 13 basketballs simultaneously.

He took part in a Youth Day contest in 2005 to demonstrate his incredible basketball skills and was surprised to win the top prize. Basketball has since become his main hobby.

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