Happy End As Ginger Moggy Rescued From Street And Adopted By Company Staff

These adorable images show a cute ginger moggy called Tiger that has been adopted by the staff of a company after it was rescued from the side of the road by a cat-loving employee.

The incident took place at an unspecified location in the Chinese province of Guangdong, which is located in the country south-eastern coast near Hong Kong and Macau and the footage quickly made the rounds after being shared online.

AsiaWire spoke to one of the company’s employees, Miss Chen, who also goes by the nickname Bingbing and who rescued Tiger, and she said that it “lives at the company because the rescuer (myself) already has a cat at home.

Man feeds cat sitting in drawer at work in Guangdong, China. (60104286252/AsiaWire)

“Because of its character, it doesn’t get along well with other small animals.”

She said that she rescued the cat “from small bushes on the side of the road” after it “yelled very loudly” and “screamed”.

She added that the company boss had agreed to adopt the cat after employees did not want to release it back onto the street where it would have had to fend for itself.

Man feeds cat sitting in drawer at work in Guangdong, China. (60104286252/AsiaWire)

A first video shows a worker playing with the adorable cat, which can be seen sitting in a cosy desk drawer. The employee closes the draw the cat inside as the footage ends.

The second video shows the cute moggy playfully trying to trap a pen under its paws while an office worker tries to use it to write things down a piece of paper.

And a third video shows the orange feline, which also has bright orange eyes, taking a nap on a workers chest while she works at a computer.

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