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Chinese Nursery School Teacher Shows Tots Advanced Military Techniques

This is the moment a Chinese nursery school teacher shows a class of tots a number of advanced warfare moves with a fake assault rifle.

The incident was filmed at a nursery school in the city of Yichang in the Chinese province of Hubei and the footage was uploaded to the social network Douyin.

The nursery school teacher, name not disclosed, reportedly used a fake Chinese QBZ-95-style rifle to teach a number of special-op moves to the class.


After the video was widely circulated on social media, netizens speculated that the teacher must have been a former soldier or special forces agent.

Many online users said they wanted to know which nursery school it was so they could send their children there to study.

In the footage, the young teacher is seen sliding on her knees with the replica rifle in her hands as nursery school tots look on from rows of chairs on either side.


Apparently well-trained, the teacher then adopts a number of positions with the rifle to engage mock enemy combatants.

The youngsters look on intently as the young woman shows advancing techniques and how to move towards an enemy along the ground.

At the end of the footage, a couple of young students are seen being put through their paces while using their fingers as a pretend firearm.

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