Cute Lion Triplets Receive Cat Flu Jab In Front Of Growling Mum

This is the moment cute lion triplets are vaccinated against cat flu at a Dutch zoo as their worried mum growls while looking on.

The footage was shared by the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the city and municipality of Arnhem in the Dutch province of Gelderland on 4th February.

The video shows vet Henk Luten and other members of staff weighing the three cub triplets before holding them down and vaccinating them.

The cubs show their teeth as they are handled by zoo workers while their mum is seen pacing back and forth in her enclosure apparently worried for her younglings.

One of the lion triplets that was vaccinated at Royal Burgers’ Zoo. (Royal Burgers’ Zoo/Newsflash)

The lioness bites on a large piece of meat and growls before the video comes to an end.

According to a statement by the zoo, the all-female triplets received their second and final vaccination against cat flu, and were also weighed and dewormed.

The cubs are nine and a half weeks old and will remain at the zoo “for the next couple of years” before the family is introduced to another group of lions there.

The Royal Burgers’ Zoo is the birthplace of the famous ‘Leo the Lion’, the roaring lion seen in the introduction credits to films by MGM Studios.

The World Wide Fund (WWF) estimates there has been a 40 percent decrease of the lion population in nature in recent decades.

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