Cute Moment Dalmatian And Large Fish Kiss On Lips Before Jumping Away Nervously

This is the cute moment a Dalmatian and a large fish kiss on the lips before the fish swims away and the dog jumps out of the water nervously.

The footage was filmed at a picturesque body of water near the Swiss city of Geneva on 7th March.

The Instagram user ‘spottytheswissdalmatian’, who shared the footage and who has 21,900 followers, confirmed to Clipzilla that the Dalmatian’s name is Spotty.

Spotty, a dalmatian which gently kissed fish in pond in Geneza On 7 March. (@spottytheswissdalmatian/Clipzilla)

In the video, the pooch can be seen apparently captivated by the large fish for a short time before both animals approach each other for a short touch that looks as if they are kissing.

After the fleeting moment, the fish is then seen quickly swimming away and Spotty starts nervously jumping and gets out of the water.

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