DRUNK LAKE FIGHT: Wild Video Shows Fights Breaking Out During ‘Mayhem At Lake George’ Event

This is the moment drunk men start fighting at the “Mayhem at Lake George” annual event leading to several arrests.

The brawl took place in the village of Lake George, in the state of New York, located in the US, on 8th May.

The video shows a large crowd and boats that gathered at the event during the weekend.

Aerial view from the “Mayhem 2022” event, held on Lake George on the 7th of May 2022. (Volusia Sheriff’s Office/Clipzilla)

Next to the DJ deck, there is a group of men fighting.

A man with red swimming shorts can be seen throwing another from the deck infuriating him and his friends.

When he tries to kick them in the face while they are climbing the deck, he gets tackled and thrown into the water.

Then, four men start beating up the man and putting him on a chokehold.

The man ended up with his face covered in blood and could hardly stand.

Simultaneously there is another group fighting on the other side of the deck.

Next, the video shows the agents arriving on a boat and taking the guy who suffered severe head injuries for a medical examination.

Several people were reportedly arrested according to County Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Chitwood said: “People are just out there to have a good time, but like anything else, when you have a huge concentration of people like this and you have alcohol involved, you do have some incidents.”

The Lake George Mayhem event brings hundreds of boaters to the water every year, who gather together for an annual party of swimming, music and drinking.

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