HOT DOG: Tubby Hound Is Rescued From Phoenix Canal After Trying To Escape Arizona Heat

This is the moment an exhausted Labrador dog is rescued from a canal where it jumped to escape heat and then could not get out.

The dog was rescued from a canal in Phoenix, capital of the state of Arizona, located in the US, on 28th April.

The video shows bodycam footage of the officers on the shore of the canal and the dog being carried by the current.

A dog was rescued from a canal in Phoenix on 28th of April 2022 after it jumped to cool off from the hot weather but then couldn’t find a way back out. (Phoenix Police Department/Clipzilla)

When it arrives to the officers one of them tries to catch it with a net.

Since that does not work out they grab it by the collar and pull it up.

One of the policemen says: “Good boy.”

The Labrador was successfully rescued and taken care of.

Police said that the dog jumped to cool off from the hot weather.

It then could not find a way back out.

This situation of dogs getting stuck in the canals is very common.

On the official post from the Phoenix police department, Facebook user Lisa Godeman said: “Too many are falling in! Something needs to change!”

She added “Better fencing or something! Thank you for helping”.

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