FANGS OLD PAL: Hero Dog Dies After Saving Family From Snake

A hero pup that took on a lethal coral snake in a fight to save its family has died after being bitten in the struggle.

Brave Nachito killed the highly venomous coral snake on the porch of the family home in Merida, Yucatan state, Mexico.

But it was bitten in the struggle and died from the snake’s powerful venom.

Nachito, the dog, in an undated photo. It died while trying to save its family from a snake in Mexico. (Jorge Luna/Newsflash)

Its owner Jorge Luna – a vet from the Autonomous University of Yucatan – paid tribute to Nachito in a touching Facebook post.

He said: “Goodbye Nachito, goodbye brave baby, you paid with your life to protect your family from what you knew could hurt them, a venomous coral snake that was on the porch of the house that you managed to kill.”

He went on: “However, it bit you and your little body could not get over it.

The snake that the dog Nachito killed in an undated photo. The dog died while trying to save its family from it in Mexico. (Jorge Luna/Newsflash)

“Thank you for the year of love and adventures you gave us, we will never forget you cute baby, you were a hero defending your family.”

Coral snakes have striking red, black and yellow markings and are feared in Mexico for their venomous bites.

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