Firefighters Rescue A Stranded Quadruped On A Steep Hill Using Only Ropes And Flashlights

Hot Springs Trail, California, 4 July

This is the moment Montecito firefighters can be seen rescuing a lost dog ​​that got stuck on a steep hill. A couple went with their dog to the hot springs but the quadruped ran in an unknown direction in the area of the Hot Springs Trail in California on Saturday midnight (3 July). According to the Montecito Fire Department, the couple searched for the dog on their own until finally calling the firefighters for help at around 3 am Sunday (4 July). Rescuers climbed to the couple’s location and managed to find the dog on a steep hill. The rescue crew devised a plan to safely lower the dog using a rope system. The dog was reunited with his owners. No one was injured during the rescue operation.

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