Flea Ridden OAP Cat Enjoys Smorgasbord Of Treats With New Student Owner

This elderly flea-ridden moggy has melted the internet with this viral clip of it enjoying a smorgasbord of treats now it has been adopted by a college student.

The cute clip was shared on the ‘Fupa the Cat’ TikTok page where it is going viral with 307,000 views.

The images show the cat enjoying a board of treats and special cat wine.

One cat’s “rags to riches” story as she enjoys a custom charcuterie board in USA. (@fupathecat/Clipzilla)

Fupa’s owner accompanied the video with the caption: “When you’re an elderly cat with fleas, arthritis, a torn ACL, feline AIDS and herpes and get adopted by a 21-year-old college student and are now medicated and get your own charcuterie board and cat wine every Wine Wednesday.”

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