Furry Otters Venture Into The Underwater World

Tucson, Arizona

These otters can be seen enjoying their own underwater world at the zoo. The sight of the furry swimmers was captured at the Reid Park Zoo in the city of Tucson, Arizona and was shared by staff on 3rd July. According to the Reid Park Zoo, Otters love water and they have lots of special adaptations that make them excellent swimmers. Their oily fur repels water and captures a layer of air close to the skin for insulation, so that when swimming, sometimes the air can be seen escaping from their fur like bubbles just like in the footage.

The Zoo team told Clipzilla: “Reid Park Zoo is home to spotted-necked otters who are native to the tropical regions of central Africa. In the wild, they are considered Near Threatened and their populations are decreasing. One way everyone can help otters and other fish-loving wildlife is by choosing sustainable seafood options.”

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