HIT AND MISSUS: Wife Of Venezuelan Politician Paid GBP 7K To Have Him Whacked

The wife of a Venezuelan political activist has reportedly confessed to paying USD 8,000 to hitmen for the kidnap and murder of her husband.

Maxiorisol ‘Mayi’ Cumare has reportedly confessed to masterminding the hit on Carlos Lanz, an advisor to former president Hugo Chavez.

He was reportedly snatched, executed and his chopped-up body was fed to pigs.

Carlos Lanz with his wife Mayi Cumare who has confessed to have participated in the crime of her husband who is missing in Venezuela since August 2020. (Newsflash)

Lanz is the founder of the Venezuelan Revolutionary Party (PRV) and is notorious for his role in the kidnapping of American businessman William Frank Niehous in 1976.

The ex-guerrilla – also a university professor – went missing on 8th August 2020 aged 74, sparking a two-year investigation.

After Cumare was detained by police in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, she asked to meet State Attorney General William Saab at 10pm on 9th July.

Carlos Lanz, the victim of the crime. (Newsflash)

Overwhelmed by the mounting evidence against her – including a detailed video confession from her boyfriend and suspected co-conspirator Glen Castellanos – Cumare admitted all, according to local media.

She said she had agreed to pay Castellanos USD 8,000 (GBP 6,727) to hire an assassination squad.

Castellanos’ video confession revealed that Lanz left his home with a friend and an alleged accomplice of Cumare on the day of his appearance.

Mayi Cumare confesses she has participated in the murder of her husband Carlos Lanz who is reported as missing since August 2020. (Newsflash)

According to reports, once they were on the road, hired hitmen held Lanz at gunpoint and shot him in the head.

They then allegedly dismembered his body and fed his remains to pigs.

The investigation continues.

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