Ice Cream For Animals As A Part Of A Special Summer Diet At Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia, Spain

The animals at Valencia Bioparc have started their “summer diet” which focused on greater hydration and lower caloric intake. A video shared by the park shows its residents excitedly devouring the new meals which consist of coloured fruits and vegetables, fruit juice, and muesli for the herbivores and minced meat for the carnivorous residents. The special ice popsicle meals are served in surroundings where the animals relax and cool off on the warm summer days. The park has created an elephant lake, waterfalls and the different estuaries that facilitate bathing, special mud pools for species like elephants and rhinos, has installed artificial rain diffusion systems and set up an the pleasant grass, vegetation and shady areas allow them to soften the thermal sensation and rest in the coolest spaces. The park’s mission is to ensure that the animals feel free and comfortable as in the wild, while they enjoy their special frozen meals.

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