Kid Uses Balloon To Hide From Cameras While Watching Cartoons In Big Brother House

This little girl found an easy way to get around the fact that her mother was checking up on her to make sure she was not watching too much TV – by putting a balloon in front of the surveillance camera set up in the living room.

The hilarious video took place at the family home in the prefecture-level city of Yichang in western Hubei province in China.

The mum had told her daughter to stop watching TV but was unable to monitor her all the time, so she set up a CCTV camera in the corner of the room where the girl could not reach it and was able to speak to her as well.

Girl uses a balloon to block the camera so she can watch TV in Yichang, China. (ninichangge/AsiaWire)

The girl’s father named Mr Lei said: “It was the first day of our daughters summer holidays, and her mum put up the surveillance camera so she could see when she was watching too much TV at home and she shouted: “Don’t watch TV all the time daughter.”

He said that the girl was surprised at being caught out, but then quickly recovered and ran off before returning with a balloon, which she then positioned so that it was covering up the camera’s view of the TV.

Realising that she was still visible, she had then grabbed the quilt and use that to cover herself believing that it meant her mother would not know she was there.

Girl uses a balloon to block the camera so she can watch TV in Yichang, China. (ninichangge/AsiaWire)

The parents said they shared the video for friends to see their daughters cute attempts to continue watching television, and were surprised when it went viral.”

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