Lady Elephants Enjoying A Spa Treatment By Rolling Around In Mud

This is the moment that female elephants in a German zoo give themselves a beauty spa by rolling around in the mud which is great for their skin.

The sight was captured on video in Zoo und Tierpark Berlin in the German capital Berlin.

The elephants are seen happily rolling around in the mud and splashing it on themselves with their trunks.

Zoo and Tierpark Berlin/Clipzilla

After the fun in the mud, the elephants go for a quick splash in their pool.

Once clean from the water they then move to roll around in the sand.

Zoo und Tierpark Berlin posted this video with the message: “Our elephant ladies know how to have a good time. Here you can see the wellness program in three steps: mud pack, bathing and sand peeling!”

Katharina Sperling, Communication at Zoologischer Garten Berlin AG told Clipzilla: “The three elephant cows are called Anchali, Phang Pha, and Carla and are all three Asian elephants. They are in general are big fans of water and enjoy a relaxing bath regularly.”

The Asian Elephant is the largest land mammal in Asia and thus somewhat smaller than its larger African relative.

They come from South and Southeastern Asia where they usually live in tropical rainforests, deciduous forests, savannahs, bushlands.

The Asian Elephant approximately weighs five tonnes and is three metres high.

They feed a lot and sleep little – they spend about 17–19 hours alone eating. They devour approx. 150 kg of plant food on a daily basis, which consists mainly of grass, leaves, twigs and tree bark. They can drink up to 150 litres when visiting the water point.

As social herd animals, elephants live together in large family units consisting of mothers, aunts and daughters, with the most experienced cow being the leader of the group.

Bulls join the herd only during the mating season and otherwise move on alone afterwards.

Even male offspring leave the herd when they reach 8–10 years – only the cows remain together for a lifetime.

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