Massive Male American Alligators Grunt Loudly In Search Of Mate

This footage shows large male American alligators performing their mating call which involves them grunting loudly as they search for a mate.

The footage was filmed at the Alligator Lagoon at the Australian Reptile Park in the city of Somersby, in the south-eastern Australian state of New South Wales and shows American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis).

The Australian Reptile Park provided Clipzilla with a statement, which reads:

Pics Shows:

“You’d be forgiven for thinking that maintenance workers were starting up a chorus of lawn mowers this morning at the Australian Reptile Park as loud rumbles echoed throughout the Park. In reality, it’s the symphony of 20 MASSIVE male American alligators, searching for love in lockdown.

“Only three days into Spring, Keepers have captured incredible footage of loud bellows emanating from the jaws of the male residents of the Australian Reptile Park’s Alligator Lagoon.

“After the addition of 20 male alligators in May, things are heating up as the temperature rises with the start of Spring the competition for female attention intensifies.

Pics Shows:

“Jake Meney, Reptile Keeper at the Australian Reptile Park, has remarked on the intensity of the mating calls when compared to previous years, “Having 20 new males join our mostly female population in May of this year as had huge impact on the behaviour that we normally see this time of year.”

Jake added: “The sound of a male bellowing signals the start of breeding season and we expect it as the weather warms up. But what we heard this morning was unlike anything else I’ve ever heard! The new males are certainly keen to make themselves known.”

“We timed the arrival of the new males for the beginning of winter, where they typically are less active and there’s a lower chance of conflict. Because of this, the new arrivals were settling in really well. Now, as they come out of hibernation, it’s game on for the attention of a gorgeous female.”

Pics Shows:

The statement added: “Keepers will be keeping a close eye on the alligators over the coming weeks as things could start to get heated as males compete for the attention of a female. Come Summer, staff expect to see nests with little alligator eggs inside.

“The Australian Reptile Park has the largest population of American alligators in Australia and high-octane alligator feeding shows is one of the highlights for visitors to the Central Coast based wildlife park.”

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