The Devil Ray Unmanned Speed Boat Put Through Its Paces

Thus unmanned speedboat has been demonstrating its prowess during operations in the Pacific Ocean.

The demonstration of the performance ability of the craft known as the MANTAS T38 Devil Ray took place in San Diego on 17th of April.

During the third week of April the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s UxS IBP 21 will combine the manned and unmanned capabilities of the vehicle into very challenging operational scenarios to generate fighting advantages.

DVIDS, Petty Officer 3rd Class Casey Trietsch/Clipzilla

MARTAC’s MANTAS Medium Category Vessels are dual-sponsor, high performance, fully autonomous unmanned surface vehicles developed specifically for larger scale military, commercial and scientific operations.

They are designed to work beyond human capability with speed, stealth, and maneuverability that allows them to be an effective force multiplier for harbour, port and fleet operations.

Variations of the craft can perform in the air, and on and under the water’s surface.

They have easy-to-use TASKER Command and Control user interface which allows them to be networked and swarmed for operations over large coverage areas.

They are deployable from shore and ship and can be transported to a location by a tilt trailer.

The Mantas can also be configured for scientific and commercial missions such as hydrographic survey swarms, port and harbor security, search and rescue and humanitarian assistance or disaster relief.

The MANTAS vehicle will be fully operational this fall.

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