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Football Crazy Lad Scuffs Shot And Sends Flip Flop Flying Into Uncles Food Bowl

This is the moment a football-crazy lad scuffs his shot while playing outside in the family courtyard and a flip flop flies off and lands in his uncle’s dinner.

The footballing mishap was filmed in the county of Xupa in the city of Huaihua located in the south-eastern Chinese province of Hunan on 4th July, one day after England booked their place in the EURO 2020 semi-final by thrashing the Ukraine 4-0.

The boy’s uncle, name not disclosed, said he was enjoying his dinner when a dark shadow suddenly loomed in his bowl and rice spilled all over his trousers and foot.

He looked down and found a flip flop lying in his bowl with half his dinner scattered over the ground.

However, the uncle apparently saw the funny side of the incident and said his nephew was playing very well until the scuffed shot send his flip flop flying.

Boy kicks a ball before accidently his slipper ends up in his uncle’s food in Huaihua, China. (dy5nu0c0fu18/AsiaWire)

In the footage, the youngster is seen kicking a ball around a courtyard as several relatives eat dinner.

The boy mishits the ball and a flip flop flies off his right foot and flies high into the air.

The footwear then plummets from the heavens and lands directly in the uncle’s bowl as he tucks into dinner.

The man complains, fishes the flip flop out of his rice, and inspects the mess while the boy slips his shoe on and returns to playing.

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