LOO DIRTY BEAST: Police Hunt Pervert Who Disguised Cameras As Coat Hooks In Women’s Toilet

A pervert who disguised a hidden camera as coat hooks in a ladies’ loo is being hunted by police in Germany.

A shocked user alerted officials when she realised the hooks were actually filming women using the public lavatory in the city of Cologne in Germany.

Officers seized two bogus hooks on 5th August which had been fitted with wildlife camera-style motion sensors.

Image shows video cameras disguised as coat hooks in an undated photo. The police seized two such devices in a public toilet in the city of Cologne in Germany on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022. (Polizei Koln/Newsflash)

Police experts found both hooks contained memory cards linked to a master device by an interface.

Cologne Police Headquarters said in a statement: “The memory cards contain video sequences relevant to the crime.

“The identification of the people who were secretly recorded is the subject of investigations.”

Investigators said it is currently unknown how long the cameras had been in the toilet.

They are looking for witnesses who are able to provide information about the owner of the devices.

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