MIGRANT TERROR: Migrants Rescued From Drowning As They Try To Swim Rio Grande To US

Four migrants trying to swim across the Rio Grande to the United States have been rescued when they were about to be swept away by strong currents.

The family – a mother, father and two children – were stranded in the fast-flowing river, too exhausted to go on or go back.

Another migrant was also saved from the river trying to get to the US when border guards heard his cries for help when he was too tired to carry on.

Rescuer is helping a migrant in the Rio Bravo in an undated picture. Five migrants were rescued by Mexican authorities. (@INAMI_mx/Newsflash)

A sixth was rescued when he fell from the roof of a train carriage, gashing his head badly.

The six migrants were trying to reach the US from Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay and Honduras.

The Mexican Government said in a statement on 27th July: “Five people were rescued from the Rio Grande with severe fatigue due to the energy used to avoid being swept away by the currents.

“In Veracruz State, they helped a person who fell from the back of a train and suffered a head injury.”

They went on: “In the first case, personnel from Grupo Beta Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, rescued two minors and two adults who, due to fatigue caused by the river currents, could no longer continue with their irregular border crossing.

“Seeing the risk situation, INM agents, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, entered the Rio Grande at the point known as the Benito Juarez sector to rescue two people from Venezuela, one from Peru and one from Uruguay. It should be noted that the two minors were accompanied by their parents.

“The people were transferred to the INM offices to continue providing first aid, water and food, as well as continue with the administrative migration process.”

Rescuer is helping a migrant in the Rio Bravo in an undated picture. Five migrants were rescued by Mexican authorities. (@INAMI_mx/Newsflash)

The government continued: “In another case, while continuing with aid routes in the vicinity of the Rio Grande, Grupo Beta Piedras Negras personnel heard cries for help from a migrant who was trapped in the current while attempting to irregularly cross into the United States.

“At the point known as International Bridge 1, one of the agents entered the river with a life jacket to put it on the man of Venezuelan origin who seemed exhausted due to the energy used to prevent him from being dragged by the current.

“After being taken ashore, he was given the necessary medical attention to verify his state of health, and was later transferred to the INM office where the administrative process regarding his irregular stay continued.”

The statement added: “When monitoring the train route from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Grupo Beta Acayucan personnel observed a migrant man lose his balance when walking on one of the moving carriages, which caused him to fall.

“The events occurred near the town of Canticas, municipality of Cosoleacaque, where INM agents approached the accident scene to provide first aid and verify the health status of the person from Honduras.”

The government went on: “Although he remained with stable vital signs and without loss of consciousness, he suffered a head wound of approximately five centimetres to the head that needed the support of the Mexican Red Cross to organise his transfer to the nearest hospital.”

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