MISSING TOT MYSTERY: Desperate Search For Toddler Who Vanished From Home 11 Days Ago

A two-year-old girl who disappeared from her home while her mum was out studying is being hunted in a desperate search by police and neighbours.

Little Gislaine Guadalupe ‘Lupita’ Ortiz Rodriguez had been left with her uncle and 13-year-old cousin when she vanished without trace on 18th July.

Her mother – 20-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez from El Rosario, Guayas province, Ecuador – told local media: “No one knows what happened.”

Gislaine Guadalupe Ortiz Rodriguez, 2, posing in an undated photo. She has been missing for 10 days. (Newsflash )

The toddler’s uncle and cousin told police they had both fallen asleep while they were babysitting Lupita.

But when they woke up, the youngster was gone.

The teen told the investigators that the tot had been in his arms when he nodded off, say local media reports.

A neighbour told police in El Empalme that he had seen her on the balcony of the family home just a few hours before she went missing.

Picture shows missing poster for Gislaine Guadalupe Ortiz Rodriguez, 2. She has been missing for 10 days. (Newsflash)

Family and locals formed a search party to look for the girl in the rural, mountainous area.

And police have scoured local roads, a dam and a cave without finding a trace of the missing girl.

Divers even searched the Daule river for clues without success.

On Wednesday, protesters marched through El Empalme chanting: “We are all Lupita.”

The search continues.

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