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Moment Boy Swims Along Flooded Wuhan Street In Rubber Ring And Trunks

This is the moment a young boy takes advantage of a flash flood and goes for a dip in the murky street water with his rubber ring.

The young lad’s exploits were filmed in the city of Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei after a heavy storm on 28th June.

The boy, who reportedly lives in the area, was seen hitting the flooded street with his rubber ring while only wearing a pair of swimming shorts.

Boy swimming on flooded street with a swim ring in Wuhan, China. (Luoshengtangxiawanyesheng/AsiaWire)

According to the news site Baidu, the boy ran outside in his swimming gear without telling his parents.

Among the half-submerged cars and fully-clothed residents wading through the water with umbrellas, the boy dived straight into the murky water with gusto, taking full advantage of the flash flood.

In the footage, two buses and two cars are seen half-submerged in the dirty brown rainwater as several residents wade through the deep water with umbrellas.

Boy swimming on flooded street with a swim ring in Wuhan, China. (Luoshengtangxiawanyesheng/AsiaWire)

Meanwhile, a boy wearing only shorts is seen running into the middle of the flooded street and diving in with his rubber ring.

Using the ring for buoyancy, the young lad does the breaststroke through the water as the clip ends.

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