Driver Arrested After Pursuit That Caused Power Outage In Florida County #ZYT

Indian River County, Florida, 18 June

A police pursuit led to a power outage in Florida county when the driver crashed into an electrical box. The pursuit took place in Indian River County in Florida early in the morning, last Thursday, 18th of June. Authorities said that the driver was recklessly driving a black Dodge Charger, crossing multiple red lights. The suspect vehicle was followed by Vero Beach Police vehicle. The fleeing suspect crashed into an electrical box causing a power outage to the traffic signalization in Indian River County. After causing the incident the driver made a U-turn and fled from the scene. The police had to conduct Precision Immobilization Technique manuevre twice in order to successfully stop the suspect. The driver was identified as a Miami resident Warren Bradshaw. Warren was taken into custody and is being held on several charges.

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